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DNP in Bodybuilding

DNP was first introduced to the bodybuilding world by Dan Duchaine. In the late 90s, the body building magazine Muscle Media 2000 was offering this special deal to anyone who subscribed to their magazine. If you subscribed, you got a bunch of audio cassettes containing interviews with 10 bodybuilding experts. Those cassettes included interviews with noted bodybuilding experts, and I am sure they were very interesting. I only listened to two of them, and the other eight collected dust in a drawer somewhere in my bedroom, I am sure. But one of the two I listened to had an interview with Dan Duchaine on it, which ended with him promising to tell the bodybuilding world about a new substance which would revolutionize the bodybuilding world. Fast forward a year, and there was a question in MM2K asking him to let the cat out of the bag.

What he did was tell us about DNP. Since then, we have a lot more experience with it, due to feedback from bodybuilders who have used it, and figured out the optimal doses and such from trial and error. The first thing that I will tell you about DNP is the first thing Mr. Duchaine said about it.

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