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DNP Weight Loss

All of this tells me that your body will need to create more energy than usual to keep up with the demands DNP is placing on it. In addition, it will have to use more of the food you take in to produce that much-needed energy, and less of that food to create and store fat. In fact, you will start using stored fat as energy to attenuate the energy deficit DNP creates. I have seen studies on animals where a +60% increase in metabolic rate is achieved with DNP use, although I feel that in humans, the rate may actually be higher. My speculation is that proper DNP use in humans can net a 40-80% rise in BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is all from hyper metabolism, or the increase in metabolism or your body & euro ™s need to use more energy to perform tasks.

So what happens when your body requires more energy to do today the same things it did yesterday? You lose more fat today than you did yesterday. In this case, a lot more. What else? You get tired more quickly as your body struggles to convert food into energy. Your endurance will suffer. Your staying power in the last few reps of a set will vanish. Your ability to complete the same amount of sets as you did yesterday, with the same intensity and weights will suffer. But that will not seem like much of a big deal to you at the time, because you probably will not get much of a "pump" at all from the workouts you are completing because DNP reduces the amount of available glycogen in your muscles. DNP will also increase your rate of ventilation, as your lungs try to get oxygen into your muscles. Y our blood will be moving a bit slower than usual, as DNP will increase the viscosity (thickness) of it. Basically, it will increase your bodys need for oxygen as well as your blood viscosity, and it nearly doubles the rate of oxygen consumption in muscles. Thus, your body will have to work much harder to oxygenate your blood, and then transport it to working muscles. Cardiac output will then increase proportion to this new rate of oxygen consumption. If you are an athlete, you will play like garbage on DNP because of all that stuff I just mentioned. For these reasons, I see it as very useful for a bodybuilder (who only has aesthetics to be worried about, not functional ability or performance), but not very useful for an athlete. If (and this is a big if), you are badly out of shape and fat before you have training camp for your sport & euro ™s preseason, then I suppose you can try to use this stuff to lose some fast weight. But in all honesty, a 20 day cycle of DNP, no less than a month away from training camp is all I would risk. You will lose some weight, and only have to keep it off for a month until training camp starts. I really want to stress, though, that this stuff is an exceptionally poor choice for use by an athlete. And remember that part I told you about earlier, about DNP inhibiting muscle contraction? Yeah, that will make you weaker, also.

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