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Ultrabol 150 (Ultrabol 150)

Ultrabol 150

Product Presentation : Trenbolone Acetate 50mg/ml + Dromastanolone Propionate 50mg/ml + Testosterone Propionate 50mg/ml,10 ml Glass Vials Ultrabol & Megabol series are designed for Professional athletes. These products give maximum amount of mg in 1 ml. There are 3 motivation behind creating this unique products. 1-Ultrabol & Megabols are designed very similar to populer cycles which athletes use all the time. Only difference is using all products from minimum amount of ml s. Professional athletes always use high mgs for their cycles. That means lots of injection amount (15-20 ml per week) and they always have problems with finding new injection places. This is a very cummon problem and its very hard to continue a steroid cycle which will give you lots of hurting injection sites. This problem also effects training negatively 2-Latest researches showed that injecting maximum amount of mg per ml produces more result, even though 2 people are using same mg of same product. For example , 2 athletes decided to use 1400 mg Nandrolone Decaonate per week. 1 of them uses Greek yellow top Deca which is 100 mg per ml and inject 14 ml of product per week, other one decides to use Optimum Pharma Decabolon 350 and injects only 4 ml per week, the athlete who chooose Optimum Pharma will have more gains. 3- There are 3 types of steroids and all of the steroids that athletes use, belong to 1 of these families. These are ,: Testosterone derivatives, DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) derivatives Nandrolone (19-nortestosterone) derivatives. Each family have their own unique special effects. So latest researches show that if your cycle have at least 1 steroid from each family, Then you will have a very sinergic and powerful combination. For Example, An athlete needs a cutting cycle , he wants lose fat, Then he must use a powerful androgen and good cutting steroids. We will take Trenbolone from Nandrolone family for high androgen levels We will take Stanozolol from DHT family for dry and clean look. And for last we need Testosterone but of course propionate for low water retention. This cycle has been 1 of the most successful cycles of all time. As a final warning , Ultrabol & Megabols are for Professional(Competitive) athletes . If you are looking for some muscle gains please try other products. Because Ultrabol & Megabols are really powerful and they are suitable for atheles who already use more then 2000-3000 mg steroid weekly per cycle. For normal athletes Ultrabol & Megabols can produce some negative side effects because their body is not used to have this amount powerful steroids in high concentrations. These side effects can be steroid fever , feeling sleepy and tired unusually.

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