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Is Dynabolon a stronger version of Deca?

A: it’s true. When measured down to the mg, it’s a fact that Dynabolon is indeed a bit stronger than Deca. However, it isn’t active as long, making it a bit less effective. Dynabolon is finding new popularity in gyms and research facilities nationwide as the internet brings information about it to more and more users.

Q: What kind of positive side effects will I see with Dynabolon?

A: Gains should be on par with Deca. You’ll likely see an increase in strength on the major compound lifts within one week of beginning use. Gains will continue and will result in new gains in muscle mass, particularly in the larger muscle group areas, where more muscle cell receptors are found. You may also become leaner at the same time. Joints will gain some strength and stability. Recovery times will improve. Protein synthesis is also affected. It’s likely you will begin using more of the protein from your diet. Therefore it is important to increase the protein you consume to 350 to 450 grams daily.

Q: What kind of dosing is recommended?

A: At the very minimum, you should be using 2 ml per week. Something along the lines of 4 ml per week is considered average Dynabolon use. Dynabolon is useful in the body for up to 2 weeks before becoming ineffective. This means it’s not as powerful as Deca, and will need to be injected more frequently.

Q: Can women use Dynabolon?

A: Yes, as long as the doses are smaller. Anything higher than 1 ml per week can lead to virilization and other negative, irreversible side effects. Women should also limit their use to 4 to 8 weeks maximum.

Q: What kinds of side effects are seen with this drug?

A: At the 4 ml per week dosage, side effects are minimal. If you bump it up to 6 ml per week, you will experience bloating due to increased water retention. Side effects are usually minimal, as it’s not a powerful steroid. For those hyperrepsonders who have reactions to most medications, acne and gynecomastia are possibilities. For most users, these effects will be mild or non-existent.

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